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    Judging : Article Andy Dougharty for DMC 2010

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    Re: Judging : Article Andy Dougharty for DMC 2010

    Post by pengrajin_marchingband on August 7th 2011, 2:50 pm

    waduw bahasa inggris ..perlu terjemah lagib nie:cry:
    Komandan Gaul
    Komandan Gaul

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    Judging : Article Andy Dougharty for DMC 2010

    Post by emadeus on March 14th 2011, 3:53 pm

    Judging : Article Andy Dougharty for DMC 2010

    Mr. Andy Dougharty*
    If I could give just one piece of advice to competing bands
    it would be this :
    read and understand the criteria……………….!!!!
    You need to
    understand the criteria based judging system that is being used by
    just about every competition in the world. It tells you EXACTLY what
    you need to know to get the highest possible scores in every caption.
    I am always amazed (and frustrated) when people start to complain
    about the scores, but have no idea at all how and why we gave them
    the scores we did. Here is a very simple demonstration of the
    process :
    Box 1
    0 – 25

    Box 2
    26 – 50

    Box 3
    51 – 75

    Box 4
    76 – 100

    Uses only percussion instruments

    Uses woodwind and percussion instruments

    Uses brass and percussion instruments

    Uses brass, percussion and woodwind instruments

    If this is the criteria the judges must use, then they are obligated
    to follow the criteria. Notice there is nothing in the criteria
    about quality. That might be in a different box or caption. If I was
    a judge and the best band I had ever seen in my life had just
    performed, but they only used brass and percussion instruments, then
    the highest score I could give would be a 75. My hands are tied!
    Even if I want to give them a higher score, I cannot – because the
    criteria determines the box in which they are scored. If they had used
    just one woodwind – maybe a flute in the pit for some special effect –
    then I would have been able to give them a score of 100.
    Criteria based assessment is an excellent system when used by judges
    who understand how to use it correctly. It is an excellent tool for
    instructors who read it and pay attention to the details. Judges are
    human and we do our very best, but we can be affected by different
    things. The criteria system helps keep us honest and precise in our
    evaluations. The old “sliding scale” system was inconsistent and left
    too much room for scores based on issues not related to the
    Often, in the highest scoring boxes, you will see statements like
    “All members of the ensemble….” That means ALL MEMBERS. If I see
    just one member who is not doing what the caption is focussing on,
    then I cannot give the band any score in the range of the highest
    box. Your kids NEED TO KNOW this. Mati siji, mati kabe!
    Sometimes criteria describes “a wide range of emotion.” What is
    that? Making me feel good for the entire show is nice, but it is does
    not display a wide range of emotion. How many emotions can you
    describe? Wikipedia has a list that is so long that I can’t paste in
    here without adding several pages.
    I once judged a Winterguard competition where I was given a list of
    criteria that included the music used in the performance. Part of the
    score went towards things related to music, including repertoire,
    continuity, suitability and quality (including mixing and editing)
    of sound. It was obvious right from the start that many groups had
    not read the criteria and had assumed that the scores would be based
    on just the performance and execution of technique. WRONG! I had no
    other choice but to follow the criteria. As a result, some groups
    received a score much higher or lower than they expected. The group I
    liked the most put on an awesome performance. They were outstanding
    on so many levels… until their last song. The recording sounded
    like someone had held their handphone close to the television to
    make the recording and it was such an extreme change in style of
    music, that it was a shock. There was no sense of continuity. My
    score dropped down an entire box because the criteria demanded it.
    So, read the criteria carefully and make sure that you and every
    member of the staff and performing group know and understand what is
    required. If you disagree with a judge’s score and you really
    understand the criteria, you will be able to make a much better and
    more intelligent argument.
    *Ketua Dewan Juri DMC 2010Link: http://library.marchingband.web.id/2010/02/16/judging-article-andy-dougharty-for-dmc-2010/

      Waktu sekarang January 21st 2019, 4:29 pm